My name is Raciel Hernández and I am passionate about what I do. I am currently working for Axity as a Senior Consultant in IT Process Automation. In my spare time I dedicate myself to data science and co-create new products.

“I still want to change the world”

Brief history

After going through an exciting path as a Chemical Engineer, today I wake up between Lambdas, Functors and Monads, hoping to be able to concretize the professional project of my life.

Main results (Under construction)

  • Author of a Machine Learning System for the validation of video-tolling images applied to free-flow hiway traffic. Currently in production.

  • Author of an Artificial Intelligence model for frost prediction that is based on a deep neuronal network. Tested based on the records reported by the meteorological network of CEAZA.

  • Author of a System for the Observation of Territorial Dynamics and Zoning as an instrument to support decision making. Applied in a project funded by Corfo.

  • Author of the 100% Quality Batch Methodology currently marketed by Axity for IT process governance.

  • Prize of the Ministry of Science and Technologies of the Environment of Cuba for the results obtained in scientific research.

  • Special Distinction Award of the Minister of Education for the results obtained in scientific research.