Considering the risks associated with the development of out-of-control Artificial Intelligence: Would you limit the use of your creations through a Socially Responsible Use clause? For the impatients: Go to the SURVEY by clicking on this link

About this survey

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Goal: The goal of the survey is to know the attitude of the community before the option of including a clause of Social Responsibility in the use and development of applications with Artificial Intelligence.

Survey: A minute of your time that could save the world! It doesn’t matter if you are a programmer, engineer, artist, lawyer or builder. Everyone can take part. Answer this survey and you will deliver a unique value to the community. Go to the SURVEY


Why this survey?

  • International concern related to the development of weapons with AI has been growing. At the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence Organisations (IJCAI), some 2,400 people and 160 companies from 90 countries signed an agreement not to develop weapons with AI. What about you?
  • I think it is appropriate to assess the possibility that the community can take a more active role in this regard.

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