For some time I have worked on the development of Secure Artificial Intelligence. That has led me to think about the fundamental problems of various kinds. Problems related to programming, system design, machine learning, artificial intelligence, computer system security, social networks, and their business models.

Other topics (not less important) have been of obligatory reflection as the human relations, the feasibility for the consensus of a minimum global ethics, the legal aspects that underlie, the relations between the communities of free software and the current use of their creations, as well as the philosophy referring to the transforming from the human being towards the posthuman being.

However, it is imperative and urgent to design the bases that facilitate the establishment and development of Secure Artificial Intelligence. While it is true that this would not prevent Malignant Artificial Intelligence from taking place, it will be a key differentiating element in the approaching economy by allowing consumers to make informed decisions, allowing them to identify which with the products on the market is reliable and safe.

Secure Artificial Intelligence will provide a unique value that will determine the commercial success of new products and services based on Artificial Intelligence while establishing a new frame of reference to improving relationships between humans and between humans and machines.

Certainly, I still do not have the absolute clarity of what Secure Artificial Intelligence means but it is very inspiring to be able to dedicate time to a topic that is recently being installed in the scientific, technological and popular culture.

Writing this blog forces me to give the shape of the ideas that I have been developing for some time and I hope that the community is involved in some way.

Dear reader, if you have come this far I would like to welcome you to my Blog and leave you an open invitation to be an active part of some projects that will be published soon.

Specific topics of this blog:

Below is a non-exhaustive list of specific topics or tags that will be covered in this blog:

  • Functional programming (Haskell, FP)
  • Theorem Provers (Coq, FStar)
  • Data Science (Lua, Julia, R, Python)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI, GAI)
  • Data Structures (Data)
  • Machine Learning (ML)
  • Software design (Design)
  • System Security (Security)
  • Blockchain (Blockchain, SmartContracts)
  • Ethics
  • Transhumanism
  • Posthumanism
  • Free & Open Software

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